We want to make sure all your questions are answered. Any questions which are not answered here, please get in touch, we will keep updating the faqs as we receive questions!
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How much does it cost?

Its free!!!! The beauty of this is that you can enjoy uplifting music for no cost at all. We hope you will be willing to donate after the concert, if you feel it was worth it, and that money will go towards restoring the church.




The Concerts start at 6! Please be early, we are not going to deny entry to late comers, however for everyones enjoyment it is better that everyone arrives on time, and that if you are late please be as quiet as possible entering. The concerts last approximately 1 hour, and are designed so that you can enjoy a lovely dinner in Hull if you so desire afterwards.




The church is very conveniently located. There is a car park 1 minute away, which is free from 6. There are also several buses which go past the Wilberforce monument 5 minutes away. If you are catching the train, the church is 15 minutes walk from Hull Interchange!



How are you funding this, if it is free entry?

This is the million dollar question! The musicians are being incredibly generous in order to support my vision for the city and the music scene, and in our first year, are performing for the love of the music! We are actively looking for sponsorship on an individual concert basis or a full season sponsorship. There is much we can do to enhance the experience the more sponsorship we get, and in the interests of making this an event which will last years and years, we will be looking to increase the fee for the performers year on year.



Can I take part?

We would be delighted if you think you can contribute to our series! Email us, and we will discuss what we can do together! It may be that you do not get a concert in the next year, but the year after. The concerts are being booked a LONG time in advance. However, if there are enough people wanting to perform a concert in this series, we will strongly look into the possibility of adding dates to the festival!



I am not a musician, can I help?

The short answer is yes!! Please get in touch!

At the moment we are less than 5 people trying to run this. There are many many aspects to successfully running this including advertising, musician fixing, venue preparation (both on the day and general), social media and more. It is hard for us all, who are professionals outside of this project, to complete all the tasks. If you have expertise and you want to help us please do! We are a very friendly bunch who look out for each other in every walk of life. :)




There are no tickets, after all it is FREE!



Is there any other way I can support financially?

Of course, if you come to a concert and appreciate it and/or the restoration project, you can donate. If  you want to offer gifts outside of this, we encourage you to contact the reverend to discuss the arrangements. Of course we try and help, but we run the series, not the church. We cannot speak on behalf of the church.




There will be shirts available, but only limited. If you want to show your support by buying a shirt you can at a concert or order one online. If the demand is high, we will add more, if not unfortunately once they have gone, we will have to wait for enough orders to be able to buy in bulk again. Note these will likely not be available til December, as they need to be designed and ordered (the process has already started). At present there will be no other memorabilia available. It is something we would like to add in the future.



Refreshments are provided at the interval, we hope you enjoy the treats we put out, to make sure everyone can enjoy refreshments please be considerate.